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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • simpatica replied to a comment by Aaron Perry-Zucker

    Why We're Crowdsourcing Art for Classic Book Covers via



    Aaron Perry-Zucker11 months ago

    Thanks for the comment Dan! We are very sensitive about the ethics of spec work. I am, after all, one of those designers who has invested considerably in my career. We don't run "contests" for that very reason. Everyone who contributes to our campaigns does so because they care about the cause it is supporting and because they want to make work that they feel matters and be a part of a community of people that feel the same way, not for the money or for a single prize. We are aware of and concerned about the precedent crowdsourcing sets but for social impact design, there is very little money to begin with and it is our goal to setup a sustainable model that supports artists and causes and builds community.

    simpatica11 months ago

    Well -- if you're going to be sensitive about the ethics of spec work, and you have no money, then I'd say it behooves you to run a little kickstarter campaign or find backers so that you can actually pay people for work. Virtue in one area doesn't excuse malfeasance in another. The people who get professional exposure by doing this are people who can afford to work for free: rich kids, people with families supporting them, people with no obligations to other people. If you shrug and say, well, too bad for everyone else, I don't see how this is very much different from the behavior of legislators whose general philosophy is devil-take-the-hindmost. At a minimum, it's shockingly careless.

    Find a way to pay people you take work from, and pay a market rate. You're obviously enterprising people; go to it.

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