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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Why My Ramadan Fast Is a Reminder to Not Be an Asshole via

    stephbeth110 months ago

    i always equate fasting for ramadan and then celebrating its end with eid was a religious requirement, like the high holidays in judaism,on yom kippur we fast all day and break the fast at night. there are other days of fasting in judaism, only orthodox and some conservatives practice this.

    i believe the purpose of fasting is so you do not think about yourself, but how you can be a better person in the eyes of god or mohammed or whomever you worship. ramadan and eid are no different than the meaning of rosh hashana and yom kippur.

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  • stephbeth1 replied to a comment by Shannon Love

    Why It's Up to Us to Change the Future For Undocumented Youth via


    Shannon Love10 months ago

    "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness" is a phrase in the Declaration of Independence, not the Bill of Rights.

    You know, "We hold these truths to be self evident:That all men are created equal and are endowed with their creator with certain inalienable rights among these being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it is to secure these rights that governments are instituted among men and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. "

    But I could be wrong what with me being so uneducated and small minded and all.

    stephbeth110 months ago

    i thank you for schooling me on confuscious and southern democrats. i will still stand by what i say. how come you didn't reply to how your illegal ukrainian, parents were illegal also joined the military and fought overseas when he couldn't? shouldn't the whole family have been deported?

    it's interesting that you have decided that all philosophy is 99%wrong. since you have determined that it all wrong, why bother with it all?

    i think their are many people who know more than i, and many that no less than i. i believe learning is shared ideas even if the other person's perspective is different.

    citizenship is not just handed out to anyone who steps on american soil. there is a large and arduous road before a foreigner can become a citizen.

    people come here for opportunity. if you want to, read the following.
    substitute yourself for the word student.

    i'm also not sure how your housing statements relate to immigrants.

    I've studied all the major philosophers and a lot of the minor ones. Took 20 years to learn that 99% of it was all wrong. Turns out Aristole was wrong and you can't actually figure anything out by sitting on a stump and thinking about things real hard. Only empiricism provides actual knowledge. i hope you have written to all the colleges you know to tell them they can save money by not offering such courses because according to you, it's 99% bs anyway. it's interesting that you have decided that all philosophy is 99%wrong. since you have determined that it all wrong, why bother with it all?

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