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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.



  • teleny replied to a comment by Alessandra Rizzotti

    Help Us Find a Community to Bring Our Beats To



    Alessandra Rizzotti9 months ago

    Music can help people think in different ways- and that can translate to the job world. While I see your point, as I was an arts major who took a long time to find a job that could support me, I firmly believe the arts helped me become a more well-rounded individual that can now bring a variety of skills to the table at my current job.

    teleny9 months ago

    Yes, but that was because you had an economy that could support an entertainer, as opposed to a farmer or maker. Living in a working class Black neighborhood, every kid "knows" that they're a model, a musician, or a sports star -- and all it takes for them to be a multi-millionaire is luck and self-esteem, the latter of which they have in abundance. So much, in fact, they don't have to do well in school, be courteous, or think about much of anything other than their *Dream*. Pointing out that there are x many jobs on top of the music, fashion, or sports industries and that their chances of being there are similar to their chances with the State Lottery just doesn't register...or for that matter, the idea that you can have a career doing anything but being in the spotlight, that might not be so glam, but pays well nonetheless. In short, this looks like a First World job that looks virtuous that doesn't really benefit anyone but the one that holds it.

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    Help Us Find a Community to Bring Our Beats To



    teleny10 months ago

    Aren't there enough people of color making music? Aren't there enough poor kids convinced that they have what it takes to make it in the music business, despite the fact that the music business is rapidly imploding? How many musicians can a global economy support? OK, self-expression is great. Art is sublime. But shouldn't these kids be doing something that could actually support themselves, like electronics or growing food, rather than making affluent first-world people feel better about themselves?

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  • teleny replied to a comment by DTilstra

    Brother Could You Spare a Pint? Redesigning Blood Donation via


    DTilstraabout 1 year ago

    Impressive idea!! I've always wondered why more people do not know their blood types. I love mine. I'm B Pos! I raise funds for a living. I put my blood type on the door of my SUV! There is no reason why more people cannot give blood and keep the supply healthy.

    telenyabout 1 year ago

    I find that wildly inspiring. B proud! I'm an A+! You're an O-? High Fives! AB's are sexy! T-shirts! Keychains! Let's make it plain! (And let's not forget about Rh compatibility...)

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  • teleny commented on something to do

    Imagine Our Collective Future: Tell Us Your Wish



    telenyover 1 year ago

    I hope for the end of apocalyptic culture, on both sides of the aisle.

    From the Right, we have a never-ending litany of "End Time" signs, signals, and prophecies focusing narrowly on imagined catastrophes and doomsday scenarios and utterly neglecting the vision of the New Jerusalem. Why they don't realize that if that were so, no amount of legislation against gay marriage or evolution would make a shred of difference, nor would the New World likely look like anything that they'd imagine as being "good" (somehow I doubt that Paradise would have Wall Street, SUVs or assault rifles).

    From the Left, we have ecological apocalypse, which took over from the nuclear kind nearly the second we walked on the Moon. No one who's tried to sell an ecotopia has ever done so in a reasonable fashion: everything always seems to rest on some kind of fairy-tale "consciousness" that instantly tells people what the consequences of their actions are going to be, or submission to a tribal hive mind, or living in a tightly-knit agrarian family group where every bit of creativity or innovation is stifled in favor of "sustainability".

    "But it's going to happen!" cry both sides. "Can't you see the signs? Don't you understand?"

    I understand a few things: Not everything is going to get better at the same time, but we've done a pretty good job so far. (Yes, we have.) Living in fear and discord is making things a lot worse than doing nothing. (The Connecticut shooter comes to mind -- he may have been actually trying to "deliver" those kids from what he believed firmly was going to be Hell on Earth.) Having hope and love and kindness will make things a lot better. Yes, we've got a future, and I believe it to be a good one (certainly, the famines of the 1980's I read about in the 1970's never showed up). So be of good cheer, and smile!

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