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Terrenda White

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

New York


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    Our Education System Isn't Broken, It's Designed to Create Winners and Losers via

    Terrenda Whiteabout 1 year ago

    Dr. Royal is so on point with this article! Particularly when she says, "Many educators are well intentioned yet ill equipped to handle the myriad complexities our students and their families present in an education system that was created for them NOT to succeed. However instead of addressing the system, instead of working toward more equitable funding, instead of ensuring educators are well-prepared and well-equipped...we spend our time and our efforts addressing the so-called achievement gap."

    YES, I see this all the time, "well-intentioned" teachers who lack a "critically-intentioned" disposition to address persistent structural issues shaping educational outcomes - this disposition has an impact on how one teaches and for what purpose! What worries me most is the near isolation of this generation's teachers who are disconnected from an older generation of teachers, many of whom hold professional knowledge that includes much of the history laid out by Dr. Royal above - which means our current tunnel vision to 'close the achievement gap' (i.e. test-score gap) is almost completely w/o a sense of history or a sense of context. Way to go Royal for pushing us to think more broadly!

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