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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Why It's Perfectly Acceptable that Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Want to Meet His Birthmother  via



    terryKPabout 1 year ago

    I understand some of what Rebecca says here. However, must say I disagree. Part of it might be because I find her post somewhat contradictory. She is saying only Colin Kaepernick knows the situation, so leave him alone. Got it. But she goes out of her way to also criticize Heidi Russo, as if she thinks she knows Heidi's situation too. You cannot have it both ways. Not fair to say you don't buy Heidi's reaching out at this time. Frankly, she has reached out long before this. Going to the media is not a dumb thing. I think the key is this: IF Heidi reaches out, and Colin accepts, and THEN Heidi starts trying to make money off of it, that is abhorrent, and then we have the right to criticize. But I don't have any problem with what she is doing.
    Also, I am a bit tired of the same ol trite argument, "she's not my mother, she didn't raise me, etc etc." Yes yes yes yes, a thousand times yes, we get that. That is not what anyone is saying, certainly not me. But she is his biological mother. There is nothing, no matter how vigorous one argues, that can change that. It is a reasonable thing for Rick Reilly to say he should see her, and frankly, it's a reasonable thing for Rebecca Carroll to say he shouldn't. What I don't find fair is the criticism of Heidi Russo for doing the right thing after her mistake to get pregnant years ago, and giving Colin a great opportunity with loving parents, and then reaching out (which she has done for years, and not only when he made the NFL). The interview via the media is just fine with me, she is not asking to take him away, she is not asking for money. She just wants to see her biological son. She credits his parents, too. Until she asks for fame or fortune, I have no problem with what she is doing, and I certainly have no right to say "I don't buy it" when it comes to her reasoning. Anyway, Rebecca Carroll means well here, but the title of her article was misleading - it seems her article was intended not just to explain her position on Colin's decision, but also to berate Heidi Russo, and that part is what makes the article far less objective than it could have been.

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