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Timothy Baer

Saving the lightbulb at a time.

I am good at giving a damn.

Lebanon, Oregon


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    Why It's Perfectly Acceptable that Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Want to Meet His Birthmother  via


    Timothy Baerabout 1 year ago

    I too was adopted. And I too met my biological father when I was 11. Meeting at such a young age and under the circumstances we did was a mistake. Quite simply, by meeting my father when I was still a child put us in the awkward relationship of being father/son when we lacked the bonds for that relationship to form properly. If I had met him much later, say at 25 or 30, we could have met as equals and without child/parent expectations laid on both of us. There was a reason why he let a child go and a reason why a better man adopted me. We had a relationship for about seven years but now haven't spoken in more than a decade. He's not a bad guy, it was just weird. After living it I don't recommend that adopted children meet their biological parents. As for Kapernick? He seems to be doing quite well without his birth mother. I'm sure they'll meet eventually. Or maybe they won't. It's unfair to suppose that Colin should form an emotional bond with a woman he's never met, as if it's up to him to repair a situation he never had control over.

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