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There is an emerging identity crystallizing on our planet. People are increasingly considering their personal impact in a global light. We call this identity the global citizen. The 100 people you will learn about here capture what it means to be a global citizen in 2014. They belong to a community of doers that you too can be part of. But where to start? The first step is asking yourself what kind of doer you are. Inspired by the 100 members of the fourth annual GOOD 100 and the personality test published 52 years ago by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, weve created a 100-question quiz that will align your work with one of 16 doer personality types. Thus, as you make your way through the site, you wont just be learning about 100 global citizenshopefully youll be learning about 101.


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What kind of doer are you?

Meet The 100

The GOOD 100 is our annual showcase of individuals at the cutting-edge of creative impact.