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To what extent is it important that you personally witness the impact that your actions have on others?

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Emily Teng Gift Giver

Emily Teng is a former radio host, a current fitness instructor, and the founder of the nonprofit Blessings in a Bag, where she carries the unique title Chief of Awesome. BIAB, which operates out of Singapore, delivers blessings to disadvantaged kids and rural communities in Southeast Asia. The group collects used clothing, household goods, hygiene products, and school supplies to distribute to partner communities, who qualify to receive these gifts by running local social programs. Amazingly, many of these donations are brought to Singapore in the personal luggage of benevolent travelers / business-class smugglers of t-shirts, Trapper Keepers, and toothpaste. Teng herself maintains the infectiously upbeat spirit of BIAB, creating a fun, inviting culture that permeates everything they do.


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