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Jen Galvin Scientific Storyteller

Dr. Jen Galvin, environmental health specialist and pioneer in the field of Ocean and Human Health, has been compared to a Swiss army knife. She is a multi-use tool for scientific and philanthropic organizations, a researcher, an advocate, a filmmaker, and a deep thinker who injects life and narrative to the scientific issues she is passionate about. Her background may be an awesome and inscrutable web of degrees, technical jargon, and awards (Ocean this, Harvard that), but all you really need to know is that Galvin is a scientific storyteller. When she co-founded Reelblue, a media production company, she left behind hardcore academic research to become a much-needed liaison between the worlds of art and science, not always known for playing together nicely. Galvin is also the director of programs at the Henry David Thoreau Foundation, where she allots funds to the next generation of environmentalists, and she is a staunch advocate for women in media.


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