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To what extent do you credit a specific journey with making you the person you are today?

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Nina Weingrill Voice Trainer

Nina Weingrill went down to Capo Redondo, perhaps the most violent of the impoverished favelas in So Paulo, Brazil, as a volunteer, teaching journalism classes to local youth with her friend Amanda Rahra. Her students zeal amazed her, and she stayed for six months, helping them produce a magazine that was relevant to their worldview and reflected the reality of their lives. In 2012, Weingrill, along with Rahra, started nois, a communications school for Brazilian youth that aims to democratize and decentralize the production of media. The schools programs each culminate in the development of a unique product, like a blog, a newspaper, or a documentary. Later this year, nois will begin directing startup funds to their graduates, bringing these journalistic enterprises out of the classroom and into the public eye.


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