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Yasmin Elayat Interactive Documentarian

Yasmin Elayat, masher-upper of art and technology, remembers being a kid at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I was enchanted by how the museum used technology to teach, says Elayat. The Exploratoriums exhibits made complicated ideas so exciting and completely tangible. Wanting to share this kind of feeling with others, Elayat began working with a prominent design firm, but early in 2011, as the Egyptian revolution heated up, she felt a calling, propelling her to document the historic events. She went to Cairo. 18DaysinEgypt, which Elayat co-founded, is a new kind of interactive documentary, crowdsourcing experiences and personal media to create a visual recorda peoples historyof the revolution. The project has collected more than 1,000 human stories and has the potential to not just make history, but to change the way we make it.


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