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Ziad Abichaker Recycling Visionary

Ziad Abichaker, CEO of Cedar Environmental, considers himself a garbageman. Garbage and I share a stormy love affair, he announced recently at a TEDx talk in Beirut, Lebanon. She and I have been together for 20 years. Abichaker is a Lebanese engineer and recycling visionary who brings a confident enthusiasm and can-do spirit to his very messy job. He envisions a world of zero waste, where materials can flow in and out of households and businesses in continuous flux, never leaving the local area. Cedar specializes in building community-level recycling and waste-treatment plants, because, well, why do we spend so much time and money carting our garbage around, anyway? Pretty silly when you think about it.  Abichaker and his team recently developed ECO-BOARD, a durable sheet made of old plastic bags that can replace wood and steel in construction projects.


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