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13-Year-Old Builds Haunted House For Good in Parents’ Driveway

Youth Radio

Check out Youth Radio’s video profile of Sam DuBois, one of the few teens in the U.S. with the title Director of Operations stamped on their business card. The lanky 13-year old founded the Albany Haunt, an elaborate haunted house sprawling across the front of his parents’ home in Albany, California.

The kid loves Halloween. That’s clear. But it's not all. DuBois is also hoping to support the county food bank with donations of cash and food cans from visitors to the haunted house.

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  • Jen ShimaJen Shima

    This is so cool!!! How incredibly creative and fun! Wow. I love when people turn their passion into something really awesome and good. I wish I could go!

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I love Sam's story. It's great to see he's making a fun holiday about impact. You captured it really well.