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Cyclical Influence

Catarina Guimaraes

This Short film directed by Nabil shows the influence adults have on children, often passing by as unnoticed. "Higher" shows two generations of martial art warriors from Kerala, India. The film shows how a cultural tradition is spread, but can also relate to how adults are not aware of their behavior and how it influences children.

The song's build-ups and break-downs are beautifully mirrored in the footage of the film itself, involving the viewer in the emotional distress present.

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    • Catarina GuimaraesCatarina Guimaraes

      Alessandra! Yes! I just watched the UNICEF video and this theme is definitely sticking to me. The use of music and the animation makes it so dynamic, impossible not to follow or not watch all of it. I'll definitely be looking into the blend between design disciplines more, and how that is becoming so essential to the time we're living in.

      • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

        I'm sure you're following the Design hub- there's really interesting content on there that explores how design can play into education, health, etc. Really cool. Check it out! good.is/design. I also let our Design Community Manager know about you! Meet Adele Peters! http://www.good.is/members/adele_peters