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  • Daleen FisherDaleen Fisher

    I hope Prop 8 passes in CA, and then spreads to include all of US!

  • Vast ShadowVast Shadow


    Did you know, humans are pathogenic? Your body sheds dust; dust which some plants eat and it feeds those plants. Nature is a massive chain of that circle of life.
    Do you really think, plants without fertilizers or insecticide are really better off ?

    Cows eat grass. Grass consumes nutrients in the air... Sometimes not even nutrients grass consumes, sometimes its the pollution our humanity exhausts into the environment grass only has to feed from. Pollution is far more deadlier than any insecticide or fertilizer... So much deadlier pollution causes cancer, disorders in mind, growth disorders, and evenly could link into genetic problems--so is organic really the way to go?

    MMMMM I like food.