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Watch: Everything I Learned About Bravery, I've Learned Through Love

Carly Ayres

Vanessa German is an award winning multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh. She has pioneered a performance style called Spoken Word Opera; a dynamic hybrid of spoken word poetry infused with the theatrical elements of Opera, Hip Hop, and African Storytelling.

In this talk, Vanessa shares her powerful story on how she is fighting to stop shootings in her neighborhood through love and art.

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    This is incredible. It's interesting she starts the talk by asking people about their gifts. I feel like it's a challenge for people to talk about that. It's great that she asked people to ask one another- then share other people's gifts. I love her story of community building. Sometimes it just takes inviting people to participate in something you're passionate about in order to get an initiative going.