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Gay Filmmakers Do Something Amazing for Boy Scouts

Juliana Brafa

Todd Bieber is a filmmaker and an Eagle Scout. Recently, while serving as merit badge counselor of Cinematography Merit Badge, he invited several gay filmmakers (from SNL, Letterman, the Onion, and more) to help teach some Boy Scouts about making movies.

You can help promote equality in the Boy Scouts by signing these petitions:



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  • Lindsey Smith

    Just shared this video with my friends! What an incredible and moving story. I love how honest he describes his experience as a Boy Scout and a leader. His understanding of the code makes sense and with volunteers/members like Todd, I have a feeling this ban will be lifted.

  • Hannah Wasserman

    Such a cool video. I love how he isn't just shunning the Boy Scouts from his life but really trying to help an organization that clearly was a positive part of his childhood. Hopefully the Boy Scouts will make the right decision!

    • Juliana Brafa

      That's what I love about it too. It's a productive approach that tries to include everyone. Thanks!!