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Hey Policy Makers: When Education Funding Gets Cut So Does Our Life Expectancy

Jackie Ramirez

This video paints a picture (literally) about the direct correlation between education, health and life expectancy. Our community conditions are affecting the way we live, work, play and learn... that's a no brainer. But what is "less recognized is the impact of education on health outcomes."

How can we as individuals work within our communities to reverse the trends mentioned on the video? Read on to learn more about VCU's Center on Society and Health's research.

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  • Starley SheltonStarley Shelton

    If dollars spent on education had a direct correlation to longevity, we should have the second longest lifespan on earth or the second best educational system. Only one country in the world spends more than we do on education. The issue is not how much is spent, but how effective the money is spent. And if cutting spending creates evaluation of programs towards more effectiveness, I am all for it.

  • Dan HaiducDan Haiduc

    Yes, except education in the US is now a debt-slave producing enterprise, thanks to all the subsidies.