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How Negative Images Of Women on TV Affect Young Girls

Seshat Yonshea

I encouraged my daughter to write a commentary on how negative images in media affect young women her age. Specifically she informed me that some young women take on the personalities of the women they see on reality television. I thought her perspective is important at this time. She also hopes this will lead to more conversations and solutions among young women themselves.

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  • Melinda Anderson

    The media bombard girls and young women with such unhealthy images. Lots of adults have written and spoken to this trend. It's great to hear your daughter's youthful take on the topic.

    • Seshat Yonshea

      Thanks Melinda. I totally agree. It's disturbing because some of her schoolmates are taking on this behavior. I think it's important to have an open relationship. I let my daughter know she's free to discuss anything with me.

    • Seshat Yonshea

      Thanks Alessandra

      I think this is a good time for her to address these issues that are affecting her generation. Perhaps it will make an impact. At the very least it allows her to figure out how she can use her power to make a difference. I'll check this out. Thanks!