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Inspiring take on inclusion in the form of a beer commercial.

Ben Weinlick

Inclusion of people with disabilities in regular community life is an important topic. You could argue that people with disabilities are a group that really have not had their liberation movement yet. And liberation would mean being respected for who they are and their unique gifts being valued. Pretty cool that Guinness is sharing a story that overturns stereotypes and indirectly calls people to action to be inclusive.

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  • Michael Del Ponte

    Very powerful video, glad to see a beer company produce a commercial that is not just about typical male stereotypes.

  • Emily Pasnak-Lapchick

    I'm so happy to see a company like Guinness using their brand to promote inclusion! UNICEF's State of the World's Children was focused on children with disabilities this year and aimed to tell stories about "this" ability instead using the hashtag #thisability.

    With last year's Olympics I think a more people gained respect for what people can do, no matter how they may be "dis"abled.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hillary Newman

    My goodness that's a great commercial! I don't really want a beer (it's 10:16 am), but I do want to call a couple of my friends and remind them how much I adore them.