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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hitRECord: A collaborative film, art, music production platform

Melissa Gillette

You can upload your creative work, use what others have made, and contribute to make awesome collaborative content.

They will feature select work and any profits from it get shared between you and any other collaborators.

Cool to see Levi's getting behind it, helping to distribute the content, and providing financial support so that contributors can make more money.

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  • Chelsea SpannChelsea Spann

    First off, isn't this guy in everything? I love this. It's beyond supporting a cause, it's supporting a culture. HitRecord really seems like an art instillation that is continuously changing, growing, and actually pushing the boundaries of what is normal. I think this could be a great "do" - can we add and collaborate here? Pretty cool. Excited to see what comes, esp. with Levi's involvement.