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    Simone Calbi Yasha Wallin

Maria Blaisse's explorations of form and material inspire dynamic visions for SLOW URBANISM

Carolyn Strauss

In our http://kck.st/11obs8t video is an image from 'Moving Meshes' (2008) by multidisciplinary designer Maria Blaisse, showing the human body and human-made object as symbiotic extensions of one another.
I'm hugely inspired by how this project at once demonstrates a Slower view of bodies in intimate relationship to material, and at the same time helps me envision a Slower future for the spaces we inhabit, the urban environments we move through. Read the full post http://on.fb.me/RRYoYz

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  • Yasha Wallin

    I love this idea of "slow ubranism" and seeing it played out through this conceptual interaction with the material. Thanks for sharing.