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  • anokwaleanokwale

    Such presentations make you realize how many times we all make lame excuses. It is always good to see something like that to remind you that no challenge is impossible to overcome.

  • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

    What a beautiful human being and what an amazing sense of humor! She's the perfect example of how to make the best out of your situation. Her wish is to "create more positive images of disability in the media and in everyday life." Let's help her do that by upvoting this post and sharing it across all social media platforms. Thank you for sharing and sparking this beautiful woman's wish on GOOD Martin.

    • Martin MelucciMartin Melucci

      I agree, Jackie. I didn't know about Maysoon until someone shared this video and it came through my feed on that other social media site. :)

      It was my pleasure to add this here, Jackie. I'm glad it's already gotten a GOOD reception...

      • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

        That's awesome Martin. Welcome to the GOOD community. I hope you find interesting ways to live well and do good. If you're interested in a specific topic let me know so I can guide you in the right direction. Happy GOOD-Doing!