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Our Education System Can Learn a Few Things From 'Skateboarding School'

Liz Dwyer

"Skateboarding is not brought to you by the letter A." That's the bold statement offered by "skateboarding physicist" Dr. Tae. Educator Bo Adams recently dug in the crates and pulled out Tae's TEDxEastsidePrep talk, which is well worth watching. Read Adams' analysis here: http://bit.ly/15lPWWN and watch as Tae explains how in skateboarding only secret to learning is you "work your ass off till you figure it out." Bonus: No cheating or copying because there are no grades and it's all 'hands' on.

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  • Kris GiereKris Giere

    Thanks, Liz. I appreciate you sharing this. There is so much about Dr. Tae's talk that I agree with that there is not enough room to express it all in detail. So I am just going to type the message that I try to share everywhere I go, "I believe that our best experiences with learning happened before we became good at school. As a society, we must return to those experiences before we can truly reform education."