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Point Cloud, imagining daily interaction with weather

Liz Danzico

Point Cloud suggests we take another look at weather, the "intangible context within which we build our lives and our cities, but it is also the physical element against which we create protective shelter." As meteorological advances have grown more sophisticated, and our understanding of data science more advanced, weather continues to surprise us.

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  • Liz Danzico

    Not completely certain what it's communicating either. In part, I find that the most fascinating aspect -- that we typically represent weather in hand-drawn puffy clouds or clean bolts of lightening, but that actual weather data represents it in a much more obtuse and complex way. A perfect metaphor.

    • Casey Caplowe

      Yeah. It's really nicely done. I'd love to be able to sit there and watch it and interact with it.

  • Alicia Rosas

    Seconding Casey's comment, the moment between that macro/micro level view of this is amazing.

  • Casey Caplowe

    Super beautiful. I did not expect that to be a physical/mechanical visualization at first. It's really amazing to look at, though i don't totally understand what its communicating.

  • Keith Bormuth

    This is phenomenal, wagering to form the formless.