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President Obama Tells His Campaign Staff, 'I'm Really Proud of All of You'

Liz Dwyer

Need some inspiration? Here's President Obama thanking his mostly millennial-aged campaign staff for all their hard work. “It’s not that you remind me of myself; it’s that you’re so much better than I was. You’re smarter and you’re better organized and you’re more effective...What Bobby Kennedy called the ‘ripples of hope,’ when you throw a stone in the lake, that’s you.” Get the tissues out because when Obama starts crying at around the 3:15 mark, you might get a little teary-eyed, too.

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  • Grant Garrison

    I saw this too and it reinforce yet again that Obama is not just an effective president, but just a good person. The focus on mentorship, the appreciation for hard work and grassroots organizing, the humility. Not to mention how amazing his wife and kids are. It's a subtle but enduring legacy that his character (remember when that word was a bludgeon against progressives?) lifts up public service, and particularly for communities too long excluded from leadership. As Ben said yesterday, Go Democracy!

  • Max Schorr

    My dad sent that to me last night. Very cool. This resonates, and gets at the inner parts - motivation, self confidence, integrity for social change. President Obama is at his best when he inspires Americans to do great things and be our best selves.