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  • Nicole CardozaNicole Cardoza

    I love that he's not afraid to be the person that might not know it all, but doesn't feel like they have to.

  • Rachel BielRachel Biel

    Russell sure is making the rounds! I've seen him featured in a bunch of places in the last few days. He's like a merging of Jesus, Buddha and Monty Python. So refreshing and quite courageous of him. He's really smart, too, playing it down, but I'm impressed!

    • Santi HossniSanti Hossni

      Yes!! Lately he's changed a lot, and discovered that in himself was a lot more than a material person, object of the pressure of "becoming someone." Lots of his new interviews show his wit is sharper than ever, and now tackles serious cultural, social, political issues through his comedy.