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Shigeru Ban: Design for Aid


Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban, an inspirational pioneer who experimented with sustainability and the power it holds, talks about his projects and the difference they have made in Emergency Response shelters. He stands for proof that design can go to improve just about everything it touches.

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  • marcus55marcus55

    Has anyone thought about reaching out to the paper companies or printers? I have worked and work in both industries. SAPPI NA might be very interested in this as might their parent company, SAPPI World Wide out of South Africa.

    All the big printers, and I currently work at one used rolls mounted on fiber cores that might be excellent to donate....

    On a personal level, it made me feel good about the world when I watch something like this! Thanks for sharing...

  • Coralie WinnCoralie Winn

    Shigeru Ban's Transitional (cardboard) Cathedral just recently opened in my city - Christchurch, NZ. It's wonderful! Post-quake, our city's Cathedral was badly damaged and is likely to be demolished. He has visited and given public talks - he's inspirational and very pragmatic.


      Hes the author of cradle to cradle! of course, I sent him an email thanks debocracy

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Federico- you're featured in The Daily Good today. I wanted to show you a screenshot so you know! What's your email?

  • ghazijghazij

    Would love to get i contact with Shigeru's people to discuss ways of building paper shelters for IDP's (internally displaced people) along the Syrian/Turkish border.


      Yes definitely. I would love to see him create a directory of shelters that anyone can build anywhere for fast response, so that countries can turn to it and for a fee or membership have access to building guidelines and providers of materials.

      • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

        I think that makes a ton of sense. I'd say architecture for humanity would be a cool ally in thinking about how to expand a marketplace of these concepts.


          Ben, I couldn't agree more. I think were on to something, do you know any particular person that works in architecture for humanity? Im going to shoot the website an email and see what they respond.

          • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

            agreed, I just sent an email to their founders, Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr. If they get it, maybe they'll log on and share some thoughts.


              Great! Thanks for the help Ben, Shigeru is an inspiration, and Id love to help in any way I can, I wrote to them also. So hopefully well see what develops :)