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These US Families Live Without Running Water [VIDEO]


When most people think of dirty water, they think of places like rural Africa. But water poverty affects hundreds-of-thousands of Americans too. Nearly 40% of Navajo Indians don't have a tap or a toilet at home. This year, DIGDEEP is bringing water to over 250 American homes for the first time ever. Support this work by making a tax-deductible donation or by buying a holiday gift at http://navajowaterproject.org/gifts. We'll donate 100% of the profit to the Navajo Water Project.

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    This is a new kind of project for us - we're the first international water org to work in the US. We just want to know - did you know about this issue? If not, why do you think that is?

    • mahin66mahin66

      Ahh...things we take for granted.It would never have occurred to me that there are people in the US without running water and toilet facilities at home. I never read about this issue or ever saw anything to this effect on the media. You are right in saying that we would only imagine Africa with such scarcity but US...no, no one ever sees US as that because the Image it projects around the World is of being the SAVIOR of all...but I must say...the GOOD starts at home...US maybe the World leader in all but if this happening in its own backyard then its a shame! I would call it discrimination against the local Indian population and the Migrant communities...its also a denial of a basic human right. I am glad that your Organization is doing something about it but this should get more coverage on the media to get more people involved and do it faster. Thanks for making the World a better place.

    • Craig OggCraig Ogg

      I didn't know about the issue -- I suspect I am ignorant of all issues that are unique to Native Americans given that they don't get that much media play. Are there other communities that this also disproportionately affects in the US?

      • DIGDEEP WaterDIGDEEP Water

        Yes! Migrant communities (especially illegal migrant farmers) and the homeless. It seems obvious - when you think about it - that the homeless lack regular access to a tap or a toilet. But when you think of how difficult that must make it to ESCAPE homelessness, wow.