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Turn photos into donations! Go ahead hipster, take a photo of that latte and do some good! :)

Agus Echague

Feedie provides foodies with a platform to share their love for (taking pics of) food, and helps restaurants improve their csr credentials by donating to charity. The featured restaurants have agreed to donate to The Lunchbox Fund every time a guest uses Feedie to take a photo of their meal. Only available in NYC, here's hoping they'll be expanding to other geographies soon!

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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I LOVE this. I totally feel this shame when I take food photos. Number one: it's embarrassing. Number two- what is it actually doing? I REALLY hope this expands.

    • Agus EchagueAgus Echague

      The other good thing is that it costs you NOTHING, neither time or money. I love how they managed to tap into an engrained behaviour and turn that into an act of good. Hell yeah.

        • Agus EchagueAgus Echague

          Well... nothing comes from free I guess, but i still believe it costs you nothing (Warning: might be OFF THE MARK here since I don't live in NYC hence cannot try it).
          For what i can see, it doesn't require you to pay anything (that would be the restaurant) and you are not invaded or forced to do anything you currently don't do (just take the pic and post it online, same as yesterday). Your way of "paying" (which is different from something COSTING you in my view) is by spreading the word about the restaurant -basically every time you push that photo to a social network, you are doing some are raising awareness for the restaurant.
          Some might think "seeeeeeee? there's a catch!" but what i don't think it's a hidden or evil catch... again, it doesn't COST you... or maybe that's just me?