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    There sure are a hell of a lot of details left out here. The biggest ones being that the spindle on a multi-speed bike (the axle that the cranks are mounted to) often needs to be replaced because it's too long to accommodate a single speed crankset (the cranks will sit way too far out). Similarly, the rear cog (for fixie) or freewheel (for a single speed) needs to be spaced carefully as well. Without a nice, straight chain line between the front chain ring and the rear cog, at best you're ride is going to be noisy. At worst, you'll throw your chain (your only means of “braking” with a fixie). All in all, this video makes it seem like all you need is a bunch of shiny, new parts to do a conversion. Pretty misleading.

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      Damn. "...at best YOUR ride.." Not "you're."