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What most schools don't teach

Jared Moscow

Some of the biggest names in tech and Hollywood have joined forces in a new video for Code.org, a non-profit focused on computer programming education, to encourage students to take coding classes.

Entrepreneurs like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Square founder Jack Dorsey and Microsoft founder Bill Gates open up about how they got started coding.

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  • Doris Yee

    Initially, coding can be intimidating...and perhaps even boring to people who like to see big results right away. But learning to basics is all about small results that you retrieve quickly. With patience and time, you'll begin to build bigger things...beautiful things.

    It's not about slapping things on a screen. It's about testing your mind in both simple and complex conditions. You begin to question and apply logic with new angles, perhaps both practical and daring. Whether you're a scientist or a designer, learning how to code is a game-changer.