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    Daniel Hu Matt Lawler M Strain Hannah Wasserman Renee Solorzano Casey Caplowe Douglas Sellers Keith Bormuth Anna Silverman


  • Matt Lawler

    A compelling speech from Obama, with relevant animations! I had not yet heard that speech. I believe Obama has wonderful intentions, but I fear all of our pundits, talking heads, and politicians are part of a collective 'Samo' crony capitalist system that comprise the .01% I still wonder if Obama has within his grasp the capacity to amend our crony system?

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Joe Biden made some telling arguments in the debate last night. It does seem hard to get through to the Republicans in our system, which is why I too wonder if we can really get anything done.

  • Douglas Sellers

    The funniest part is where they put the vp hat on paul ryan.