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Why We Create Music

Tiffany Wen

Already Alive is a filmmaking collective based in Brooklyn & founded by Michael Marantz. We just released our latest commissioned short film: "Why We Create Music."

This project was commissioned by ASCAP & celebrates 15 award winning songwriters and composers who make music, inspire humanity, and connect us through song. Interestingly, the musical score was born out of a collaboration with all the artists, including director/composer Michael Marantz who laid down the original tracks.

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  • chhellerchheller

    I love listening to music that actually makes me feel the emotions of the performer. Whether it's happiness, sadness, or struggle - there's something very powerful about how artists can touch listeners. What are you listening to these days that embodies all that?

    • Tiffany WenTiffany Wen

      Yes, very well said. The timing is quite funny -- I just saw Charles Bradley live at Rough Trade NYC (new record shop-venue that just opened up in Brooklyn) and he completely won me over. He's been through so much struggle, including 2 years of homelessness, and only recently had his big musical break at the late age of 62. His story, lyrics, and energy combined are very powerful. It makes me step back and appreciate where artists come from and why they do what they do. Check him out if you haven't already!

      What about you?

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I think the most inspiring thing about this is how you're creating a dialogue about music while simultaneously showing the collaborative process of making it!

    • Tiffany WenTiffany Wen

      Go Michael! And agreed :) He doubles as both director and composer in this film.