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12 Most Awesome Wildlife Crossings in the World 12 Most Awesome Wildlife Crossings in the World

12 Most Awesome Wildlife Crossings in the World

by Yasha Wallin

May 22, 2013

Highway A50, Netherlands; photos via Niels Verheul and Henri Cormont, RWS

The first dedicated elephant underpass, Kenya

Ecoducts, Banff, Alberta Canada; photo via Joel Sartore, and (cc) Flickr user Cmh2315fl

Interstate 78 - New Jersey across the Watchung Reservation; photo via Wikimedia Commons

Unusual overpass for crabs: Red crabs in action in Christmas Island National Park, Australia, during their migration; photo via Christmas Island National Park

Underpass for crocodiles U.S. Highway 1 between Florida City and Key Largo, FL; photo via Marcel Huijser


Concrete barrier and planks guiding amphibians toward an underpass under the road, near the town Hilversum, The Netherlands; photo via Marcel Huijser


Can Pagá, Vallés Oriental, Spain; photo via Google Maps

Grevesmühlen, Germany; photo (cc) via Flickr user Bogdan

Animal underpass, Finland; photo via

Unrealized: Winning proposal for the ARC: International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition, I-70 near Vail, Coloroda; photo via Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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12 Most Awesome Wildlife Crossings in the World