Project: Design a Livable Street Project: Design a Livable Street
Issue 015

Project: Design a Livable Street

April 14, 2009
America's streets leave a lot to be desired. As Carly Clark and Aaron Naparstek write in the latest issue of GOOD, "For the most part, [traffic engineers] viewed the city from behind a windshield and saw the street as a problem to be solved for automobiles. The result is the America city that most of us know today: sprawling, traffic-choked, hostile to pedestrians and cyclists, dependent on a vast, never-ending flow of cheap oil, and deeply unsustainable."We can make our streets better, though, and the first step is imagining the solutions. That's the point of the Project at hand. We'd like you to design improvements to a street in your area.UPDATE (5/18/09): The winners have been announced! See Aaron and Carly's selections and comments here.UPDATE (5/11/09): Given the number of submissions, we're giving Aaron a little more time. We'll be back with an announcement of the winner on May 18th. Apologies for the delay.UPDATE (5/4/09): The Project is closed to submissions now. We'll be back on Monday, May 11, with Aaron's verdict. In the meantime, check out the makeovers below. Thanks to all the participants!the OBJECTIVETo imagine improvements to our struggling streets.the ASSIGNMENTTake a photo of a street or intersection you know and hate, and then use Photoshop or any other image editing techniques at your disposal to make the changes you'd like to see implemented.the REQUIREMENTSSend your BEFORE and AFTER images to projects[at]goodmagazine[dot]com. Aaron Naparstek, the editor of Streetsblog, will judge the submissions. We'll send a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription (or gift subscription) to the winner. We'll take submissions now through May 1.RESEARCH and INSPIRATIONCheck out the example from Carly and Aaron: an overhaul of the the intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and West 76th Street in Manhattan.Also check out and Shaun Smakal: From Andrew Pedron: From Gregory Heller: From Jonathan Chen: From Steve Price: From John Dutton, Teo Beocina and David Milner: From Takuma Ono: From Paola Jaramillo: From Juli Kaufmann: From Arielle Clark: From Aaron Nelson: From Christopher Parker: From Maggie Leighly: From Torti Gallas and partners: From Josh Wood: From Jose Menendez: From Pilar Pastor: From Andrew Hernandez and Jackie Munoz: From Godoylab: From Eva Chacon: From Chris Malloy:
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Project: Design a Livable Street