Adi Adams


Soccer’s Fight Against Homophobia Might Have Reached A Tipping Point

A majority of soccer fans would support their team if it signed a gay player

Scrutiny of homophobia in soccer has drawn renewed attention of late. According to a recent BBC Radio 5 Live survey, Eighty-two percent of fans in England, Wales, and Scotland are comfortable with their club signing an openly gay player.

But more concerning, the survey also found that 8 percent of soccer (football) fans would stop supporting their club if an openly gay player were signed. Graeme Le Saux, a straight player who was subjected to homophobic abuse on and off the pitch for years, responded with a note of optimism about the situation—and said that “If that 8 percent are so appalled at the thought of a gay player being on their team, then we should ask them to step forward, own their views, and we can just ban them. They’re not welcome in football.”

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