Eduardo L. Rivera


GOOD Pictures: Immigration and Assimilation in South Central Phoenix

Eduardo Rivera's photographs invite us into people’s homes, showcasing warm kitchens and laundry hanging on the line.

GOOD Pictures features work by a new photographer each week, with a focus on up-and-coming artists. It is curated by Stephanie Gonot and Jennifer Mizgata.

How much does personal history inform a photographer’s work? Eduardo Rivera’s "131" series begs the question. Born and raised in a tough neighborhood of South Central Phoenix, Rivera's family moved to a nicer part of town when he was a pre-teen. As an adult, he went back to document the neighborhood of his youth. Rivera writes, "What I found was people and their spaces. Here, since the 1970s, old Mexican traditions have met new assimilated lifestyles as a search for identity and belonging persists." He says it's "a place where hope strives to live."

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