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Spring: A time of restoring and renewing. A time of plans and projects. A time for spring cleaning. A time when most people want to clean out garages, closets and junk drawers. You know the drawers we're talking about—especially the one that serves as a graveyard of old cell phones and electronics. As springtime arrives, what if you could give new life to those old cell phones? What if you had an easy way to do that? What if recycling phones could help the environment? What if recycling those old phones could help save a life?

They can.
Hope Phones lets individuals, organizations, and companies give their old phones a new life on the frontlines of global health. We didn’t want to create a vehicle to simply dispose of something that still can be used, that still has value. We like to think of the Hope Phones campaign as more than a recycling or upcycling effort. We are renewing something to create an even greater value, driven towards both environmental and social impact.
Your phone is recycled and the value it generates is used to purchase new equipment, support local health workers and increasingly to help improve patient health through our parent organization, Medic Mobile. Funds generated from our campaigns have supported improving healthcare efforts to across the globe from Nepal to Nairobi. In fact, these efforts have also created a burgeoning new set of social entrepreneurs.

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