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The Surprising Health Benefits of a Bad Economy

Being laid off might be better for you than you think.

When you consider what you could do to improve your physical health, you probably think about activities you’d make a New Year’s resolution about: Go to the gym more, ride your bike to work, don’t finish the whole pint of Chunky Monkey in one sitting. But there’s something else you probably never imagined could be good for your health in any way—a recession.

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Here's How Dangerous You Actually Are Behind the Wheel

The frightening simplicity of distracted driving.

Drivers today are overwhelmed by potential distractions. Whether you're eating a banana with one hand on the wheel, changing the radio station, or glancing over at the text message that just popped up, every moment you're not mindful of what's happening on the road is a potential danger. Getting from Point A to B requires your full attention--and driving with your brain on autopilot just isn't an option. Check out this video to find out why. (Just don't watch it while you're driving.)

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Why We Might Need an App to Save Us from Our Smartphones

The average smartphone user picks up his or her device 1,500 times per week.

Once upon a time in a world very much like this one, there were no smartphones. We used to suffer through awkward silences, ask strangers on the street for directions, and use cellular phones for, of all things, talking. Questions could not always be answered instantly, and getting lost at night was no fun, but in many ways we were “living in the moment.”

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