What Now

EIC Nancy Miller addresses our political reality, plus the need to engage more, and freak out less.

On November 8, at 10:00 a.m., I voted for the first female president of the United States. By 10 p.m. that night, I was crying myself to sleep. Then I cried myself awake. Confusion, frustration, apoplexy—you know the emotional loop by now. This wasn’t supposed to happen. But you can only suspend disbelief for so long. Donald Trump is our new president. And we need to figure out how to exist in this reality.

GOOD has always been about looking to the future—finding solutions in the face of an imperfect world. In that spirit, we set out to create an issue providing for other people what we sought for ourselves: understanding, guidance, and inspi­ration to maintain the progress that’s been made during the past 10 years. Maybe even enhance it.

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GOODFest: See The Experimental Musical Village Where Every House Is An Instrument

“We’d rather have something that holds up to fine art rather than appeals to the middle ground.”

Photo credit: Bryan Tarnowski

To see Gogol Bordello’s performance at The Music Box Village, tune in to for the livestream and follow us on Facebook here.

Whether manifesting as music, cuisine, or architecture, New Orleans has always been a city that improvises something remarkable out of a hodgepodge of available scrap ingredients. The Music Box Village—the setting for GOODFest’s second show—proudly shares these values of reclamation and rebuilding with its home city.

The village originated in 2010 as a creative solution to a dilapidated house in need of demolition. Wishing to honor the building’s revered status within the neighborhood, musician and manager Jay Pennington, along with fellow creative collaborators Delaney Martin, Taylor Shepard, and Swoon, salvaged what they could from the house and used those pieces to construct a number of little abodes that each also served as unique musical instruments.

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Earth To Dinner: Let’s Keep Climate Action On The Table

We're inviting the world to dinner to talk about climate change, starting on 12/12 anniversary of Paris Agreement.

As you and fellow Americans prepare for Thanksgiving, we invite you to participate in another important meal. Introducing Earth To Dinner, a series of dinners dedicated to keeping climate change on the table.

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Editor’s Letter

Editor in chief Nancy Miller revisits GOOD’s roots for the 10th anniversary issue

“We see a growing number of people tied together not by age, career, background, or circumstance, but by a shared interest. This revolves around a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement. We sum this all up as the sensibility of giving a damn. But to shorten it, let’s call it GOOD. We’re here to push this movement and cover its realization.” —Ben Goldhirsh, co-founder of GOOD

There’s fire in those words, written a decade ago by one of the co-founders of this magazine to announce the first issue. It was a rallying cry that united a restless group of purpose-driven people who wanted to make a difference. What they ended up making was a media company with a durability and influence that remain exceptional, given the seismic shifts the past decade has brought to the way ideas are generated and disseminated.

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