September 4, 2015
CTZN on Black
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BULLETPROOF. was designed by G.R.E.E.D.Y. City founder, Damon Turner (left), and visual artist FOREMOST.

BULLETPROOF. is a statement that transcends race, social identity, or class. From the images of Black women standing in the face of a militarized police force in Ferguson to the Palestinian women lying under military tanks, BULLETPROOF. was born to represent the fearlessness found when people are unafraid of the powers that oppress them.

BULLETPROOF. is collaborating with GOOD to create a space where we can all come together to build solidarity with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement. Together we look to bring the cultural creatives, changemakers, and social justice advocates of the world in a united front for collective liberation.

We welcome you to explore the Live Channel below highlighting the many perspectives of the movement, and invite you to take part and add your voice.

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