September 1, 2015

This fall, the United Nations is set to turn the whole world into a task force when it officially unveils its list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

(You may have heard them referred to as the global goals, too.) It’s an extraordinary action plan for solving all of the world's most difficult problems by 2030. But let's face it. We live in the real world, one where time, money, and willpower are limited resources. Who on earth is actually going to make all that happen, let alone in 15 years or less? 

Well, that's what we here at GOOD aim to find out. The thing is, we don't think global change has to be a far-off dream. It's already happening, right now, every day, thanks to the efforts of some truly committed individuals. We like to call them The Local Globalists. These innovators are doing the hard work that needs to be done, wherever they are, with an eye toward global change. We'll hear from 17 of them in the coming months to find out how they think we can turn the #globalgoals into reality. 

In short? It's time to get it together, world. Let’s do this.

Illustration by Lauren Tamaki

Create art that matters. No really—submit your work for the United Nations’ #globalgoals campaign, and both you and the world could win big. Find out more at

The Local Globalists