November 18, 2014

Zooming In (And Out) on Wellness

Welcome to the GOOD Wellness Project, created in collaboration with Walgreens and Vitamin Angels. Over the next eight months, we’re going to dissect and demystify the tricky concept of wellness—offering up a how-to for making better, healthier decisions, and zeroing in on the role that vitamins play within the grand scheme of our overall well-being. After all, knowledge is power, and shareable, might we add. Join us as we debunk nutrition myths, present tips for healthy living, and ultimately steer you on your individual path to a common goal: wellness.

We take wellness personally, and so should you. Join us on our mission to improve nutrition all over the world, won’t you? Follow the #GOODWellness hashtag and talk to us @GOOD while on your own journey to wellness.

The GOOD Wellness Project