• Project 012: Help Someone Else Teach for America For Project 012 we asked you to think of ways your local public schools could be improved. David Shepard proposes we give teachers an extra pair of hands. Details after the jump. "I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Economics and Urban Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, where..
    Issue 012
  • Killing the Worm Photographs by Peter DiCampo Disease eradication hasn't had a success since smallpox in 1979. Now, Guinea worm disease-in which a three-foot long worm burrows through its victim's body-is holding out in just a few African countries. The quest to wipe it out is slow and controversial, but the finish..
    Issue 012
  • Farmers in the City The best farmers' markets for your money With the number of farmers' markets in the United States climbing comfortably toward 5,000 (up from 1,755 in 1994), there's no denying the national obsession with knowing the stories behind our food. But there are some things that even the farmer who sells you..
    Issue 012
  • This is Shintaro...   And Those Are His Things... Name: Shintaro Okamoto Age: 34 Location: Queens, New York Occupation: Ice Sculptor; Founder and Creative Director of Okamoto Studio 1. Antler-handled V-chisel I always have this one on my desk as a reminder of being connected with the production guys. It's a drawing tool...
  • Class Action Why are more public school educators than ever before leaving the field after only a few years in the classroom? Seven teachers take us to school. Anyone who thinks, "Those who can't do, teach" hasn't been taking very good notes: Teachers' work is hard, and getting harder. But don't just take our word..
    Issue 012
  • Issue 012
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