• Chewing the Fat In 2006, Chicago became the first city in the United States to ban foie gras. Last May, the ban was overturned. Still, foie-the fatty liver of geese and ducks traditionally enhanced by gavage, force-feeding the bird copious amounts of corn through a metal tube-is the center of a debate between animal-rights..
    Issue 013
    Darren Booth
  • Jaime Wolf on Filmmaker Chris Marker "May you live in interesting times," that sly curse, reputed to come from ancient China, is actually apocryphal, no more Chinese than the fortune cookies it shows up in; than Robert Kennedy, who quoted it in a 1966 speech at Cape Town University; or than Chris Marker, the elusive French filmmaker who..
    Issue 013
    Jaime Wolf
  • Route Down When officials in Toronto backed out of a plan to expand the city's bike lanes, a group of anonymous cyclists decided to do what the city would not. Armed with stencils and paint, and sporting disguises and alibis, they descended upon the notoriously dangerous Bloor Street, a major city thoroughfare,..
    Issue 013
    Laura Kiniry
  • Poor Man's Prick Portland, Oregon, is a revolutionary kind of town, and so it's not all that surprising to find, downtown near Fremont Street, a building emblazoned with a big, red, up-with-the-people fist. What is surprising, in this case, is the accompanying slogan: "Acupuncture Can Change the World." An acupuncture..
    Issue 013
    Joel Rose
  • It's Your Factory Adrian Bowyer thinks that Marx got it only half right: The means of production shouldn't just be seized, they should be shared by all. To that end, Bowyer, a mechanical engineer from the University of Bath, in England, has realized one of technology's holy grails-a machine that can replicate itself. In..
    Issue 013
    Katherine Sharpe
  • This is Noémie NAME    Noémie Lafrance AGE    34 LOCATION    Brooklyn, New York OCCUPATION    Artistic director and founder of Sens WHAT SHE MAKES Site-specific performances WHAT SHE'S MADE Choreography of the video of Feist's "1234" and "Agora," an interactive performance piece in Brooklyn's empty McCarren Park..
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide The two main obstacles to mass carpooling are trust and density-we tend to be shy of hopping into the cars of strangers, and, even if we muster the courage, there aren't enough cars to hop into. But by tapping into existing online social networks, the people behind the Palo Alto–based ride-sharing company..
    Issue 013
    Patrick James
  • The Guerilla Deck Quit squandering your roof's potential. It's easier to fix than you think. My right hand, unaccustomed to labor more manual...
    Issue 013
    Jen Dessinger
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