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  • Issue 014
  • Shop Till You Drop? Two different takes on the role of conscious consumerism. with BOBBY SHRIVER and REVEREND BILLY Product (RED)-an initiative backed by U2's Bono in partnership with dozens of global brands-has generated more than $50 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, all by turning..
    Issue 014
  • Project 014: Nominees, Please Sometimes, a hero's work goes without praise. But here at GOOD, we think that's a shame. We think that the people who are making strides toward excellence deserve a pat on the back and a round of applause. And we think that you deserve to know about them. Beginning this year, we're assembling an annual..
    Issue 014
  • Now What? Throughout our State of the Planet 2009 report, we included various opportunities to LEARN MORE about the issues facing the world this year, DISCUSS them, and CONTRIBUTE to solutions. This is your jumping off point. LEARN MORE To find out about the elections happening in your region (or any region) in..
    Issue 014
  • 2009 List: Unique Experiences Quick! Here are five things you will only be able to do this year.  1 Witness  the first-ever inaugural address by an African-American U.S. president. 2 Rally  outside the climate-change conference in Copenhagen, starting November 30. 3 Pretend  you care about the cosmos in honor of the U.N.-declared..
    Issue 014
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