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  • Please Mr. Postman After dealing with the sheer ineptitude of our nation's postal delivery service, it's nice to see them doing something that doesn't involve...
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  • Continental Divide This is rich: after a meeting between the head of the EPA and the EU about climate change, the EU spokesperson said that it seemed like America was amenable to working on some brilliant new plan to fix climate change after the Kyoto Protocols end in 2012. But, not so fast. The EPA spokesmen trots out..
    Continental Divide
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  • Wind Recap Read more ›
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  • Chernobyl Today is the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. And here is a site with some seriously moving pictures of the aftermath. Our nuclear power is in a much better place, safety-wise, than the nuclear plants in a crumbling socialist republic, but let's use today to seriously consider whether nuclear..
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  • 10,000 Sustainable Homes The UK recently announced plans to build a "sustainable"? town outside Cambridge. There will be 10,000 homes that meet the energy standards, built in the cozy-looking deserted barracks pictured above. Though, at no point does anyone quoted in the article give any examples of how this is going to be..
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  • Give Me Numbers Read more ›
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