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Njoki Gitahi Neighborhood Interventionist

Njoki Gitahi started the Neighborhood Remarks project in Brooklyn, New York, when she noticed that hordes of cafs were squeezing out low-income residents in her neighborhood. The IDEO designer wanted to create some way to allow the community to comment on the changes, whether their reactions were positive or negative, some way to spark a larger conversation. Thus, Gitahi created a set of outdoor stickers stamped with various fill-in-the-blank statements like I liked it better when it was a __________. or This new __________ is better than the __________. The templates are available for download at Gitahis Neighborhood Remarks website and people are encouraged to submit pictures of their exploits. While shes looking to expand the project to other cities, Gitahi is interested in digging beneath the surface of seemingly complex things to design for both macro and micro moments in peoples lives.


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