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  • Do Men or Women Use Social Media More? Five years ago, less than 30 percent of adults used social networking sites, but today that number has more than doubled to 72 percent....
  • Interactive: A Snapshot of America's Food Deserts This post is brought to you by GOOD with support of Naked Juice For more than 23 million Americans, a food desert is not a mirage. It’s a daily...
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  • Women in Small Business This post is brought to you by GOOD, with support from UPS. We've teamed up to bring you Small Business Collaborative, a series sharing...
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  • Being Bike-Friendly in America Across the country, citizens are hitting the road, eschewing the gas-guzzling automobile for the more active, economical, and eco-friendly bicycle. Certain states, communities, businesses, and universities are leading this trend, investing in bike-friendly infrastructure, implementing legislation, and encouraging their communities to give it a go, much to their benefit
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  • Your Pre-Ride Bicycle Checklist Do you know how to prep your bike for a ride? Whether you're a bike newbie and prefer to loop around the park or a longtime enthusiast who bikes across the city, it's important that your bike's parts function properly so that you stay safe and make the most of your ride.
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  • Four Requirements for a Bikeable City This month, communities all around the country are hosting Bike To Work and Bike to School days—opportunities for everyone from novices to the most experienced riders to get on a bike instead of using a car to get where they’re going.
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Ted Cruz's old college roommate shares memories of living with candidate: "A huge asshole." https://t.co/Lcsn7I4vb3 https://t.co/cbdfVKJ3Bw